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Bella Swan's green birthday party dress, corduroy jacket and the new Cullen, Quileute & Volturi Crest jewelry are all now available just in time to wear to the Eclipse movie premiere: Pre-order Twilight Eclipse Merch at HotTopic.com! Limited Time Only

This is the ultimate guide to help you find everything you need to complete your Twilight costume. Whether you're joining the Cullen coven, the Volturi, the Wolf Pack or just need some makeup tips or contact lenses, you'll find it ALL right here!

This page is linked to the best places to buy Twilight costumes, movie replica clothing, Cullen crest jewelry, gold contact lenses and makeup advice available online.

If you're looking for something special, please drop a note in my guestbook below and I'll try to help you out.

Plan ahead and get your costume ready early for ComicCon, EyeCon, TwiCon, TwiTours, Halloween or the many New Moon movie release parties in November. Start shopping early so you'll have plenty of time to put the perfect outfit together. Don't forget to check thrift shops, yard sales and auctions for great additions to your costume.

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I recently added tons of new Bella Swan clothes, shoes, and jackets from Twilight & New Moon movies!

* Bella's Green New Moon Party Dress

* UGG Women's Adirondack Boot II

* Lucky Brand Embroidered Rose Tops

* Lucky Brand Blue Heathered Stripe Henley

* Lucky Brand Lola Bootcut Jean

* Joie Signe Smocked Tie Top

* J Brand 12" Jeans

* Nike Womens Cortez - Black/White

* Keds Champion Navy Canvas Sneakers

* Simple Women's Retire Slip-on

* Bella's Billabong Hannah Jacket


Click here to find out how you can get your hands on Bella's green birthday party dress!

The brown Rubbish hoodie is my most requested item and VERY RARE and hard to find. It was only available for a very limited time! This is the jacket that Bella is wearing during the crash scene in the Twilight movie. The Billabong Hannah Jacket is a recent addition to the Twilight cast costumes! This is the same style jacket that Kristen Stewart wears in the new Twilight movie, New Moon. Also popular are the embroidered tops that Bella wears in the Twilight movie.

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 Last updated on September 24, 2010

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anonymous 5 years ago

where can i get good but cheep alice clothes other than the choker neaclace and her contaces.

anonymous 5 years ago

hey i was looking for an alice cullen costume. well her clothes, really. i already have her haircut and color, and im still working on my mom for the contacts, but i need her outfits now. can you help me out? i would love it.

anonymous 5 years ago

Twilight Rocks! Awsome website btw. - luv Kristen

andreaberrios lm profile image

andreaberrios lm 5 years ago

Another amazing lens. There is so much to choose from! Good job, 5*

SusannaDuffy profile image

SusannaDuffy 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia Level 4 Commenter

Blest by an Angel for Halloween (squidoo.com/best-of-halloween)

anonymous 5 years ago

hi peoples! im new to this and i was wondering if anyone had tryed the contact lenses yet and how they work! plese awnser if anyone there!:)

anonymous 5 years ago

whay would vampire bella wear?

TreasuresBrenda profile image

TreasuresBrenda 5 years ago from Canada Level 4 Commenter

Nice resource page!

Gothic-Contact-Lenses 4 years ago

Thank you for a good resource.

anonymous 4 years ago

hey i'm hoping someone can help me out. i want to be rosalie for halloween... i have a pair of shoes and some tight jeans that i know she would wear i'm just trying to figure a few tops could someone help me out in that department? i've been on many sights looking for rosalie costumes but can't seem to find any tops. i have a vague ideal as to what she would wear but not to sure on my ideal. i saw a top wear the sleaves are slit and thought it was nice but just not sure if it would be something she would wear. hoping someone out there can help me... n make that begging for some ideals. thanks

Swededesigns profile image

Swededesigns 4 years ago

Very Nice lens! :) I added it to my featured lenses :)

anonymous 4 years ago

I am also planning to be Rosalie for Halloween, and I have done some thorough research! You can't go wrong with a black v neck tank. And She is almost always wearing a blazer. I found a grey one very similar to the one she wears in the scene when they first introduce the cullens in the twilight movie. (Macy's-$40 or Kohl's-$40) This grey blazer paired with a long white scarf (about $6 at forever21) is the perfect Rosalie costume. it'll look good with what yu already have put together, and everyone will know who you are. I also got lucky and found a black pinstripe blazer in an old bag of clothes - very similar to what she wears in another scene, and in the promotion pics. And if you don't want to get the prop replica necklace, you can get away with any necklace with a larger oval/circular pendant. Remember, Rosalie dresses sophisticated, but her style is very sexy. [in reply to heather/ another huge twillight fan]

anonymous 4 years ago

im wondering where you can get some good cloths that look like alice cullens and im not talking about the necklace and contact lenses

Andy-Po profile image

Andy-Po 4 years ago from London, England Level 1 Commenter

Great lens and thanks for lensrolling my Volterra lens: very interesting to hear that Volterra is home to the Volturi vampires in the Twilight Saga. I shall lensroll from there to your vampire lenses too.

anonymous 4 years ago

I really, really want to find Bella's purple-and-yellow plaid jacket from the first movie (the little one she wears in the kitchen w/ Charlie and in the green houses). Thanks.

anonymous 4 years ago

i am going to be alice 4 halloween !!yay im getting golden contacts 2!!

ThomasC 4 years ago

I thought the movie series was very well acted. I do like these Twilight costumes as well! Nice job on the lens!ThomasC

anonymous 4 years ago

Hey :)After 2yrs of searching we have found the company that produces the elusive Curious Gypsy Thermal from the Biology Scene in Twilight. For those who cant remember its the white hoodie thermal with thumbholes! Anyway we were told if we get enough names and interest the item can be rereleased! Please make your request for this hoodie here on this facebook page!http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=124654157584... join, leave a comment and share it with all your friends !Thanks a lot :)

anonymous 3 years ago


anonymous 3 years ago

hey guys im gna be rosalie hae for halloween but my mom wont let me wear contacts, does anyone know if a particular, like, eyeshadow shade or something can make my eyes look yellowish? i have hazel ish green ish eyes....thx :)

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: thx for the help :) do u happen to know if i can somehow make my eyes look a little yellowish without lenses? theyre greenish hazel, if that helps

Margaret Schindel profile image

Margaret Schindel 3 years ago from Massachusetts Level 6 Commenter

You've done a really thorough and well-thought-out job of putting this terrific lens together. Thanks and congrats!

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